Homestead Farm and packing co.

We are a local source of old-fashioned, farm-raised meat.. We are a USDA inspected plant, selling natural beef and pork to local retail outlets and direct to customers who care about the quality of their food. When you buy from Homestead Farm and Packing, you are supporting local farmers and getting the healthiest, freshest meat for your family. 

how to Buy:

 Commercial quality vacuum seal will keep well in the freezer

Commercial quality vacuum seal will keep well in the freezer

Custom Processing:

We can process nearly any animal you bring to our USDA inspected plant including cattle,  deer, hogs, goats, and sheep. Call for details: (601)-947-6446




Beef: For processing your own beef we charge a $40 kill fee, and $.69/lb cut-and-wrap fee. All of the meat is in a vacuum sealed wrap that will last a year or more in a freezer.

Pork:  $30 kill fee plus a $.85/lb cut-and-wrap fee. Additional costs for sausage [$1.99], bacon[$2.50] and ham[$2.50].


Please use the links below to fill out a processing form.

Beef   |  Pork  |  Sheep/Goat Deer

Lamb/Goat: $25 kill fee and $1.25 per pound on the hanging weight. 

Deer: $.75/lbs processing fee plus additional fees for burger [$1.99] and smoked sausage [$2.19]. with your choice of beef or pork fat added. 

USDA INspected


If you want to resale your beef or pork, you can get it USDA Inspected at our plant for just 30 cents more per pound than custom processing.  We furnish the labels with your farm name on it. 
With the USDA mark of inspection, you can sell your beef or pork at local farmers markets or out of your freezer pack by pack!

You bring us an animal, we cut and wrap it so you can resale to your own market anywhere in the United states!




If you're a local farmer and are interested in bringing your animals to the plant, call Ethan Welford at 601-508-7741.  

 Our Processing plant that we own and operate. 

Our Processing plant that we own and operate. 

We have a label machine here at the plant, so no need to go to a third party printer. It's fast and simple!